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A Hasty Upholstery Project

By Posted in - Upholstery on November 13th, 2012 1 Comments

I had a brilliant idea one day….I should have an upholstered piece in my space for the Knot Too Shabby Bazaar! I should have planned this brilliant idea a bit better. This was not my first upholstery project. I knew that upholstery can be incredibly time consuming, yet I took this project on while working 6 days a week, preparing all of my other furniture pieces for the bazaar, and doing all the “mom” things that come with 2 kids and a husband. I really don’t know what I was thinking!

This is a before of the chair….it caught my eye at the thrift store a week before mostly because it had obviously been recovered (poorly) but still had some potential. It was a bit too pricey so I decided to pass…until the day I stopped in and every piece of furniture was 50% off. Now it was more in my price range!

It was obviously an old chair that had good structure, but the wood had seen better days and the gold Fleur-de-Lis fabric was dirty and a bit gross. It also appealed to me because I knew there would be no sewing involved which would make it easier to finish quickly.

Once I started pulling the fabric off I realized that this chair had been reupholstered more than once, with some very mid-century floral fabric underneath and a lot of rusty staples and tacks. Because I was under a time constraint and I felt that the underlying structure of the chair was still good, I chose to tackle this “fast and dirty” as my uhpolstery teacher put it. I did not start from the frame and rebuild it as I usually do, I just took off the old fabric and covered it in Dacron and muslin. I brought it into upholstery class one night a few weeks before the bazaar, thinking I could find a fabric out of our donation bins to use. Before I could even start looking, one of my classmates looked at the chair and handed me this gorgeous ivory linen fabric that she had set aside, but decided she didn’t want to use. I loved it immediately! It was nuetral enough to appeal to many different decor styles and could easily be dressed up with a great pillow.

I worked feverishly on this chair…I began to hate it…and I was terrified that I would get a stain on this beautiful fabric. No one in my upholstery class thought I could get it done and frankly I wasn’t sure either. It still wasn’t done 2 days before the bazaar, but I was a woman possessed and wasn’t about to concede defeat. I finished it (barely) a few hours before the bazaar and decided to bring it down to my booth and pray it didn’t get dirty.


With an espresso colored paint on the wood and this gorgeous ivory (high-end) linen fabric, this chair drew people in. Everyone felt compelled to run their hands over the fabric (cringe!) and exclaim about how stunning it was. Although it was a much admired piece in my booth, it ended up being the only piece left by lunchtime on Saturday. It was really hot and I was really tired. I wanted air conditioning and a shower!! I figured I could find a way to sell this chair that didn’t involve sitting out in the scorching heat for another 1 1/2 days. So I packed it in and put the chair in my garage thinking I would blog about it and then put it on Craigslist. Wellll…life happens and it is now 5 months later and I am just getting around to it. Oh well….maybe it will find a new home for the holidays.

Look for this chair on Craigslist Los Angeles by typing Lulu Grace into the search window.




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