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Lulu Grace’s first workshop!

By Posted in - Events on August 1st, 2013 1 Comments

Well….two weeks ago today,I hosted my first ever workshop! I was so excited to have Maria, Jackie, Christy, Kathy, my dad,and his friend Larry as my first participants. This all came about because these wonderful ladies from upholstery class approached me about teaching them the paint and waxing techniques they had seen on my upholstery projects in class. I happily share all I know with anyone who asks during upholstery class, but I’m pretty sure no one believes me when I tell them it isn’t that hard to do! Since our upholstery summer session was canceled due to budget issues, what better way is there to spend our Monday night?

DSC_0345We started the evening with a little tour of my home and some of the projects that I have completed for our home. The ladies were very interested in seeing what I had done with my furniture, using both homemade chalk paint and Annie

Sloan Chalk Paint. I then started the workshop with an introduction to this type of furniture refinishing. I explained how chalk paint can be used and then shared with them the “secret formula” for mixing your own chalk paint at home. I think everyone thought I was crazy when I told them the “secret ingredient”! We discussed the mixing process, how to decide on the thickness of the paint, and the different techniques for applying it to achieve their desired result. Once I turned them loose to choose their color and mix their own paint I felt the trepidation kick in. I had to keep reminding them that there was very little they could do to “mess” this up. No FEAR! The worst that could happen would be that they didn’t like it and just painted it again! There is nothing more gratifying that to see people go from fearful to confident in a few hours.

DSC_0346They painted….ate some cookies…painted some more…had some ice tea and once they finished covering their piece we embarked upon an exciting lesson on distressing, waxing, and wax techniques. This is where the “magic” happens! Unfortunately,that “magic” couldn’t be photographed because it was getting dark, but that did not deter us from our waxing!! A few portable shop lights and a lot of determination kept them going until their pieces were finished.I think that a few of them were shocked that they would be able to take home a finished piece that was completed in less than 4 hours.
I meant to send them all off with a jar full of the “secret” ingredient so they could continue their painting at home, but we were so busy marveling at their accomplishments that we all forgot! Fortunately, Jackie came back for them.I think (hope) they have all been bitten by the bug (…and no I don’t mean those stupid little biting flies that plagued us all night!!) I hope that I have inspired and empowered them to continue creating beautiful things with…heart….soul…and style!!


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