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The Debut of Lulu Grace!

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It was one sweltering hot day for a debut…but debut we did, sweat and all! I’m not sure about the wisdom of having your debut at a first time event, on an extremely hot summer day. The Knot Too Shabby Bazaar in downtown Glendora was planned to celebrate the one-year anniversary of one of my favorite stores…Knot Too Shabby. Michelle (the mastermind behind this event) and her crew set the plans in motion and it was perfectly timed to give me the opportunity to share my work with the world, O.K. maybe not the world…but at least a few residents of Glendora and the surrounding areas. All of this happened to coincide with a job that requires a 6 day a week commitment for the summer…the equation looks like this……………….. CRAZY WOMAN+LOTS OF PAINT+ANNIE SLOAN WAX+SOME SERIOUS HELP FROM MY FAMILY= A COMPLETELY SUCCESSFUL DEBUT! This was a 3 day event and I was sold out half-way through day 2. All that was left was a few of my mason jars and the custom upholstered white linen chair that gave me some serious gray hairs in the days leading up to the event. I couldn’t justify baking myself for another day over one chair…I will figure out a way to sell the chair that doesn’t involve heat stroke. Overall, this was an energizing experience for me…the line that kept running through my head was…”They like me,they really like me!” I felt blessed by all the wonderful people I met, and the customers who lovingly took home my debut pieces. There is nothing more gratifying than to have others appreciate something that you have created. I think this is the start of something really good…join me on the journey and see what unfolds.

My very first tags!

My most talked about piece…quite a few pictures taken of this beauty!

The frosting on the French Script Dresser…yum!

The custom upholstered headboard
(if you peeked around the back you would see the original cane still intact)

A dark waxed finish over some beautiful detailing…

A decoupaged vintage travel case…which ended up being purchased for a babies’ changing table. I never thought of it being perfect for this purpose…an up-cycled diaper holder.

The French Script side table..

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