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The Paris Dresser…

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IMG_0977I began working on a few furniture redo’s for my parents guest room a year ago. I completed a headboard and a side table for the room and thought it was done. Well, as these things go, my mom decided maybe she should put a dresser in the room for additional storage. I told her I would keep my eyes out for an appropriately sized dresser with 6 drawers that had a similar style to the other pieces I completed for her. Well not to long after that, I stopped at my favorite thrift store in Glendora…New Unto Others…and found this one…and she was on sale for 50% off! After texting my mom for her OK, I bought it for a whopping $60! Normally, I wouldn’t pay that much for a dresser but since my mom was funding it, it didn’t really matter!


Paris street map decoupaged with Antique Mod Podge…

Since this was a custom job for my parents, I felt like I could experiment and try something new…after painting it Antique White, I decided to decoupage some paper to the drawer fronts. It’s not anything new for me, except for the fact that it was a large piece of paper that was made to look like a vintage map of Paris. I found this paper at Aaron Brothers, an art and framing store, in their mixed-media aisle. I bought it without really knowing what I was going to use it for, I just knew I loved it! I ran the idea by my mom and she told me to go ahead…I have to admit, I really loved the way it looked with that slightly yellowed tint on it from the Antique Mod Podge. You can see that there are shades of pink, greens, blues and antique whites and the Mod Podge toned them down so they were a bit more subtle and helped keep the “feeling”of ┬áit being an aged and weathered piece.



All six drawer fronts before waxing…

After the painting and decoupaging was done, it was time for wax! Now, the other furniture in the room had been painted in Antique White and waxed with dark wax, so I stayed with that same treatment. Nothing too exciting…except for the dark wax going over the Paris street map on the drawers. It really enhanced the whole “old weathered” look. She was turning out to be something beautiful!!! I love when the idea’s in my head turn out in real life.IMG_0987


Well…this post seems long enough for now, so I will save the pics of the top and the treatment I gave it for another post…until then, remember to “create from the heart…for your soul…with style.”








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